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Nominated for a 2009 Shellie Award for Outstanding Actress for her performance as Frances in No Sex Please, We're British 

The Merchant of Venice - Custom Made Theatre Company

"Megan Briggs’ Portia could bring you to your knees just by her dismissal of the suitors alone."

-Cy Ashley Webb, Stark Insider 

"Megan Briggs nails the “quality of mercy” speech..."

-Kedar K. Adour, MD,  For All Events


The Edenites by Stuart Bousel - No Nude Men Theatre Company

"Megan Briggs is effectively understated as Trent’s depressed wife Jenny, who turns all conversations to how much she resents her newborn baby."

-Sam Hurwitt, The Idiolect

"Jenny chafes under the role of "new mom" and becomes neurotic, angry, and self-loathing; I love these kinds of female characters and Briggs gives an excellent portrayal."

-Marissa Skudlarek, Marissabidilla


Slavs!  By Tony Kushner - Custom Made Theatre Compnay 

"Megan Briggs gives a standout performance as Katherina, the bored and feisty lesbian..."

-Molly Rhodes, San Francisco Weekly

"Megan Briggs effectively plays Katherina, an avowed lesbian ..."

-Albert Goodwyn, San Francisco Bay Times



Nathan the Wise by Gotthold Lessing, translated by Edward Kemp - TheatreFIRST


Winner - Best Production & Best Ensemble -

 Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Awards 2007


"The TheatreFIRST production is quite an occasion.  "Nathan" brings it's religions together in the persons of Nathan and his nubile daughter, played by Megan Briggs...riveting and couldn't be more topically immediate"

-Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chornicle

"Director Soren Oliver works with a strong cast..."

-Chad Jones, Oakland Tribune

"The performers imbue their characters with love, humor, and humanity...Nathan may be a simple morality play, but as conveyed by TheatreFIRST's smart ensemble, it's characters have many dimensions."

-Chloe Veltman, San Francisco Weekly 


The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde - SCT

"High marks should be given to actress Megan Briggs for her work as Cecily Cardew.  She put her heart and soul into this performance.  She is a good actress who has lots of future potential."

-Paula Mc Connell, Listen & Be Heard 


Broadway Heat Conceived and Directed by Samantha Fryer 

"Megan Briggs (a perfect Glinda and Mary Poppins) teamed up for a highly engaging sequence of songs from Wicked ... and a compelling 'Dark I Know Well'  from Spring Awakening."

-Sally Hogarty, Contra Costa Times Newspapers

"There were several actors and performers who deserve kudos as doing an outstanding job, including Megan Briggs..."

 -Charles Jarrett, Rossmoor News 


 One Night at the Hotel Grand (World Premier) by Joel Roster - Town Hall Theatre

 "The very attractive Megan Briggs plays cast member Hannah who has a personal investment in what appears to be more than one member of the cast."

-Charles Jarrett, Rossmoor News 


Quadrille (World Premier) By Melynda Kiring - CTA Crossroads

"Megan Briggs and David Neufeld have good all the kinds of love portrayed, it's hard to resist."

-Lisa Drostova, East Bay Express